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Daddy Den starts 10/16 from 3-8pm

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on October 12, 2016 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Men!!!!! This Sunday night is the kick off to our #DaddyDen you here it is! A night of FOOTBALL! $30 call to schedule your time! You can bring the kids! Childcare is available! Mommy Oasis we aim to please! #dads #men #nowmen 818-346-2747 MUST BR SCHEDULED BY 9PM THE SATURDAY BEFORE!

Mommy Oasis Fitness Challenge

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on September 22, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Ladies,

It is officially fall!

I know most fitness challenges start at the beginning of  the year to get ready for Spring or Summer, but really when you are committed to being here for our children long term healthy living should year round!

That being said let's get this one started! We are on Day 3 of our Mommy Oasis Fitness Challenge! It's Free and we will do our best to keep you accountable and motivated.

Use the hashtag #MOfit2016 to enter to win prizes!

We are so excited! Love what we do!

What is a Momcation?

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on July 6, 2016 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Every mom has their own idea of what Momcation is! We argee it will absolutely be different for every mom! Whether it includes having a few hours to catch a nap, reading that professional development book you never have time for, netflix marathon, or journaling through a divorce or tough spot in your marriage. Mommy Oasis will provide all of that more. It is your zen zone, quiet space, your support community, and your girls night out with childcare.

Why do you need it? You have to take care of you. Your husband comes in everyday after a hard day at work and enjoys his beverage of choice and hour of solitude before he can be the best dad do you not deserve the same and we are here to give it to you!

From #WineDownWednesday to #SpollMeSaturdays, smile box gifts, manicures, and Mimosas we have you covered! All of our amenties, services are included in our monthly membership! Let's get you started on a trial membership today!

Mommy Summer Sanity Break May 31st-June 10th!

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on May 27, 2016 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

If you are used to getting your Momcation during the week while your kids are at school, these next few weeks might pose a problem:) Don't worry we have you covered! Come in and let your little one enjoy our mini day camp for 4 hours a day. Starting May 31st-June 10th you can drop off your child and handle your mommy tasks like grocery shopping, brunch with girlfriends, or Morning Beach time and we will have a blast with your kids. Afterwards come in and enjoy your everyday Momcation with us in any of our recharging rooms! The price is $30 a day or discounted weekly rate. Please see the theme for the days listed below:


10 days of Fun:

5/31 Super Heroes Day

6/1 Animal Day

6/2 Under The Sea

6/3 Bumper Fun Day


6/6 Ice Cream Day

6/7 Friendship Day

6/8 Cowboy/Cowgirl Day

6/9 Story Day

6/10 Pajama Party Day


Each of these days activities have been planned from 9-1pm to include themed crafts, snacks, and movies.

Customer Appreciation Week April 16th-April 24th!

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on April 15, 2016 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you guys so much for voting, sharing, and pulling for Mommy Oasis in the America's Small Business Championship!

WE WON!!!!

We are so excited and grateful to all of you! We want to show you just how grateful we are with our first customer appreciation week!

April 16th-April 23rd come in a enjoy any of events or days for $10! That's right you can join us for Mimosa Monday, #WineDownWednesday or Tasty Friday for just $10 for a two hour Mommy Escape and childcare is included! If your kids are older than 10 or you don't have any come in anyway and celebrate with us!

We will have special surprises all week to celebrate our win! You don't to miss it!

Starts with tomorrow's #spoilmeSaturday! 1230-230 or 3pm-5pm! There will be something for everyone! Let the celebration begin!

The Numbers...

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on April 15, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

43% of moms are suffering or have suffered from depression according to a recent study.

Let's face it although we all want to appear to have to have it all together and the huge "S" on our chest is's not. I am so proud of all of us for managing and smiling through it, but "Mommy burn out" is really. Between managing our domestic duties, kids extracurricular activities, playdates,  helping with homerwork , and spouses we eally have a lot on our plates. We take care of everyone else, but who takes care of us?

How many hours a week do you get to relax, recharge, and enjoy peace and quiet? Time that is dedicated and al about you...I''ll wait

To Party or Not to Party

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on January 8, 2016 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Every parent is different. From sleeping, diet choices and discipline all the way to holiday traditions, television time and birthday parties.


Speaking of parties, many parents grapple with the big decision to party or not to party. I have a few girlfriends who take the milestone approach of 1,5, and 16. And I have a few who do something every year, big or small. Then…there’s me. I’m not into the party scene for my child and uniquely enough, I want the day to truly be about her. Curiosity or raised eye brows?


Long before Kristin came on the scene, I really liked the idea of veering off of the standard birthday sugar shock bash and wanted to take an experiential approach.


I believe the gift of travel is something so special and irreplaceable. Unforgettable experiences stick with us for a life time. They provide perspective and shape our world as a child.


My husband and I decided to go ahead with the trip to New York for her birthday; everyone said it was too much too soon. As parents, I think we have all experienced unsolicited advice. Nevertheless, we were told she wouldn’t have anything to look forward to in life.

Can I share something? This was the best decision we ever made! She was bitten by the travel bug and we have since been to San Francisco, Vegas, and Oakland—all at her request. And for her 18th year, I dream of taking her to Paris.


Who am I to Judge?

Posted by Mommy Oasis- Woman & Veteran Owned on January 8, 2016 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (8)



When my daughter was ready for kindergarten, I took to all of the mommy blogs, books and websites to prep. Mothering a newborn or toddler is different compared to being a mommy of a big girl heading to elementary school. My little girl is borderline hyperactive and doesn't conform to the blogs. They all said she needed 10-12 hours of the sleep. I tried everything from calming baths, extra bedtime stories and jokes about kids who don’t sleep. Nothing worked! So I got a little creative and gave her a 9pm bedtime versus 7:30pm.


I can’t begin to tell you how many friends, fellow moms and co-workers have judged me for my decision. Honestly, I stopped telling people what time my daughter lays her head down at night.


Something I have noticed in the last few years of motherhood is that as mommies, it’s so hard to be honest. Mom shaming is when we criticize and judge a mother who isn't doing motherhood like we would. Who am I to judge? Every child is different.If we are all honest, we can all agree this is the hardest job any of us has ever had. And some days we just have to accept that we are going to suck at something. I want to be honest about the fact that I don’t always get it right but I am doing the best. I know you are too, so let’s support each other and leave mommy shaming at the door. Deal?



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