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6 Week Acting Class Saturday only ages 4-12!


Hi Super Moms!!

Mommy Oasis is launching a new amenity to the list for you and your kids! Mommy Oasis is now offering 6-Week Acting Classes for kids! Ages 4-16 are being serviced with 3 hour sessions per week with an acting coach that has over 20 years of coaching experience!! Along with the acting classes, we are including a Mommy Oasis Membership for the moms! The acting sessions will start September 17, 2016 – October 22nd, 2016 and the Saturday sessions. 

6 Week Acting Classes + Mommy Oasis Membership = Only $250


Improvisation. Getting to know one another. Body movement and gestural dynamics. Donna

will also determine the monologue or scene to be given each child on week two.


Homework: Archetypal gestures with vocal intentions. To be presented on week two.


Scene and Monologues handed out. Read throughs for those who read, otherwise, work on lines

in ways that facilitate memory. Improvisations and decisions about the life of the character

being inhabited based on imagination and information given in the text. What does our

character want? Why do they want it? How do they intend to get it?

Homework: Memorize the script without excess interpretation. The children will develop their

characters in class guided by instructor.


Gibberish exercises with character in mind. Having fun with the character through creative

exploration. Beginning of blocking and putting scene on it’s feet.

Homework: Explore character through gestures and qualities of gestures. Bring the homework

to class.


Test and rehearse creative decisions made. Make choices in what to use for the character.


Scene work. 

WEEK SIX 10/22

Rehearsal for our mini - showcase presentation.

* note the class will contain all the above fundamentals adapted age - specifically.

Final Perfomance 

Call Mommy Oasis today to Reserve a spot!!!

If you have any questions or concerns email us [email protected] or

Call us 1-818- 34- OASIS

Look forward to hearing from you!

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